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It’s hard to find an entertainer who can deliver a complete show of nostaligia suitable for a senior age group, Geoff Stephens was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service we received was outstanding and I was amazed by his extensive repertoire, those old classics just kept coming, he kept the audience totally beguiled for the entire performance.

Linda H, Age UK

We booked Geoff to come and sing to our residents at Sidcup Nursing Home, he was so popular he has become a regular, our residents loved him and can't wait for his return.


We had a cancellation and was given Geoff's number, he came and filled in and pleased the audience so much we gave him regular bookings. Terrific show and those shirts are amazing Geoff!!

The Birchington Club

Definitely our most popular visiting entertainer. We always have a full house when Geoff is on.

St John's Church Community Centre

There is no end to this guy's repertoire, he can go effortlessly from Elvis to Nat King Cole, superb.

Folkestone Bowls Club

Saw Geoff at one of his shows and he was fabulous, so good we've booked him for our private party!

T Gibson, Folkestone

Talk about classics, wow, this guy has an incredible repertoire, not even the radio plays those songs anymore, it was great to hear them played so well.

All Saints, Canterbury

Great show, Geoff not only sounded great but his sense of humour had us in stitches.

St Saviours Association, Folkestone

Geoff always goes down great at our club, he plays the right material for us oldies, that's why he's a regular here.

Swalecliffe Community Social Club

So many classics from one person in one show. AMAZING.

Halling Social Club

Unbelievable repertoire and extremely professional, massive personality and very witty, his one liners were original and had me laughing so much I couldn't get my breath at times. All in all, a tremendous show, definitely one to look out for.

Glenda Stokes, Sturry

Booked Geoff for a third visit....that says it all....!

Hawkinge Spitfire Club

First class showman. Excellent. Highly recommended.

Westgate Social Club

I've seen a lot of solo acts but this guy is in a class of his own, his vocals are crystal clear and his sound system is one of the best I've heard.

Cheriton Oddfellows

Played so many forgotten classics. Superb show. If you're looking for nostalgia this is the one for you.

Ramsgate Social Club

Lovely singer, we could listen to him all day.

Glendale Lodge, Kingsdown

Great mix of songs, enjoyed by all.

West View Hospital, Tenterden

We have quite a few visiting entertainers during the month but Geoff is definitely our most popular, we always have a full house when he's on, he is so good with the residents and always gets them singing along. Highly recommended.

Hawkinge House, Hawkinge

It's hard to believe one man could command such charisma and keep a club full of people totally entertained for an entire evening. Always have a packed house when he's on.

Folkestone Railway Club

Terrific. We hired Geoff for our recent meal excursion and he had us in absolute stitches with his lovely sense of humour. An outstanding entertainer with a beautiful voice, I bought his CD and haven't stopped playing it. We will definitely hire him again.

Sittingbourne Retirement Group

All we can say is top marks to this lovely young man who gave us an afternoon of pure nostalgia, it was a joy to hear so many long forgotten classics, we wasted no time booking him for a second visit!

Sainsbury's Retirement Group

Not many artistes can leave me speechless but saw this guy at Herne Bay Ex-Servicemen's Club recently and was totally blown away. Great voice, good guitarist, first class showman with a big personality who not only played loads of songs I hadn't heard in years but his way with his audience was spellbinding, definitely the best act we've seen in the club in years, why we've never seen him in there before is beyond me, I hope the committee have the good sense to book him again.

Len Banyard, Herne Bay

This guy turned up at our club expecting to be playing with a band, the band didn't turn up because they had decided to take another booking without telling anybody, they snubbed the club and this poor chap was left to pick up the pieces, he swept into action and set up his equipment got changed into a smart suit and took to the stage and gave us one of the best show's I have ever seen from a solo performer. He had wit and charm and bags of character and his guitar playing was superb, he also has a voice to die for. The dance floor was full from the moment he started to the moment he finished following three encores! His professionalism in view of the circumstances was second to none, he sang loads of old classics I hadn't heard in years, he was like a breath of fresh air and he totally commanded the stage, I didn't miss the band at all. Top marks to this talented young man.

Terry & Vai, Deal